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Penning A Letter Terms

Original Content

All content that you post on is original. By original, we mean that you have either created the content yourself, or are borrowing it from another user on The content of your letter does not violate the copy write laws of the United States, or the governing laws where you are located. If staff find that your letters have copy written materials, we may ask you to remove the content, or remove the letter ourselves.

Transfer of Ownership

You agree that we may use, reproduce, change, alter your letter without requesting your permission. You still own your content, but you give us rights as well. You are welcome to move your content without notice.


Letters stored on are permanent. You can edit your letter after it is posted, but you cannot delete your letter without deleting your account.


Letters posted to are available to anyone who logs onto the site. You are responsible for protecting your own personal information. You must have express permission from anyone who is mentioned in your letter to include them.

Adult Content

You must also agree to comply with the terms for Adult Content if your letter has sexual, explicit or adult themes. You can view those terms here.
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