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By: P-A-L

Dear New User,

Pen a letter is place where you can write and read letters.

What is a letter you ask? Letters are made up wishes, thoughts, cares, hopes, dreams, anecdotes, similes, metaphors, and even just plain writing. They contain happiness, sadness, optimism, grief, love, annoyance, surprise, acceptance, and joy.

Writing letters is not for the faint of heart. It requires thought, planning, purpose, patience. It is not simply a few words scrawled out on a page. When you set out to write a letter, you are trying to convey a meaningful message. Meaningful communication is clear, concise, but cannot be broken down into 140 characters. It requires more. 

Letters on are timeless. They are also living. They change over time. You may change as a person, and you can edit your letters at any time to reflect, correct, or restore the meaning you originally put in your letter. 

When you receive a letter from someone, it can mean the world. That person sat down with you in mind, and focused solely on you. In a world filled with distractions and instant gratification, you must truly be someone special. They chose you.

I am honored that you have chosen us. 

Thank you,

Your friend PAL

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